Vax-Champ of the week. (24-August-2022)

TEENAGER Linawo Mhlahlo (16) is a pupil at St James Secondary School in Qqeberha, Eastern Cape who makes sure other teenagers take covid-19 and vaccination serious. She encourages teenagers to vaccinate in order to save lives.


"My role as a Vax Champ is stop the pandemic and we can only achieve this by reaching Herd Immunity. The more people vaccinate the more we have chances of going back to normal life," said the Vax Champ of the week.


She said teenagers are more vulnerable since they are always outdoors. If they are not at schools, they are using public transport," said Linawo.


Linawo said most teenagers live with their grandparents and old people are easy target to coronavirus. "We must protect them by vaccinating," said Linawo.


She said her role as a volunteer Vax Champ is to educate teenagers. "We film videos that spread positive message of Covid 19 and vaccination. These videos will allow teenagers to take right decision and stay away from myths," said Linawo who believe teenagers are the best teachers of Covid 19 and vaccination.


She also said vaccination is not a new thing. ”It has been there since I was a child and my parents have vaccinated too through my education and mobilization,” said Linawo.