Vax Champ of the week (09-August-2022)

Loosing two family members due to Covid-19 led Vax Champ, Xolisa Kleinbooi to vaccinate. The 22 year old from Walmer kasi in Gqeberha, Eastern Cape realized that it is her responsibility as a citizen to get vaccinated and also mobilize others to do the right thing. 


She said the worst thing is that she lives with her mother who is diabetic. "She has been living with this chronic disease for four years. So I was afraid I will lose her too or infect her with the virus if I am not vaccinated," said Xolisa.


Xolisa said another reasons to vaccinate is that she works with a lot of people on a daily basis. "I am an instructor at two schools and I use public transport from home to work. So after I vaccinated I felt safer. I am glad that I was able to contribute on a little note towards the call from our president and health minister that we must all vaccinate in order to fight the pandemic," said Xolisa.


Xolisa said as an activist for gender based violence in her neighbourhood, she speaks with people about different challenges like unemployment during Covid-19. "I also speak with them about how to use health facilities like clinics and hospitals, inform them about benefits of vaccines, advise on possible side effects and referrals," said Xolisa.


Xolisa said Covid 19 has affected her in a negative way. "In 2020 I was a full time student and part time employee. I could not go to school for six months and my salary was paid in half during lockdown," said Xolisa who lost her two aunts in 2021 due to covid. 


She also said her mother was tested positive with Covid-19 but luckily she recovered even though she is diabetic. "All these experiences led me do research about vaccinations and I found out that vaccines save lives. They also boost one's immune system. Therefore I encourage people to vaccinate in order to protect themselves and their loved ones," said Xolisa.