Vax Champ of the week (25 March 2022)


Thabo Matloga is putting a stop on myths about Covid 19 vaccination. The 31 year old Vax Champ from Dobsonville in Soweto is spreading the right information about vaccination. He said a number of people believe vaccination is a drug that will make you sleep and give you a lot of pimples. "These are rumours because vaccination is good for our health. It really saves more lives," said the Soweto Vax Champ administrator.


Thabo said these misinformation made him to go and vaccinate at Itereleng clinic. "After I vaccinated, I registered as the Vax Champ so that I can educate, promote and report about Covid 19 matters. I am now a Vax Champ who attend weekly webinars that empowers me with the knowledge to save more lives in my community," said Thabo who will be happy if we can reach Herd Immunity. 


Thabo said we live in a digital world with the ability to reach thousands to millions of people with the press of a button. It is easy to express your views on social media platforms and not always think of the consequences. ”Perhaps that is why we have such a lot of misinformation that is so wrong,” said Thabo 

He also said the rise of the era of social media and the airing of public views has become an extremely controversial topic. ”People must not buy anything that they read on social media particularly misinformation about matters that are not scientifically proven. For example those news that say Covid 19 came by aeroplane, was created in a lab or if you vaccinate you will be infertile and many more myths,” said Thabo who wishes Vax Champs could have branding merchandise so that they can be identified whenever they are mobilizing.