Help End the Covid Pandemic

Join the team of Vooma Vaccination Champions (Vax Champs) to help end the pandemic by encouraging friends, family and neighbours to vaccinate. Run by the Department of Health and partners, Vax Champs mobilise people throughout SA to saves lives. If enough of us vaccinate, we can stop the pandemic in SA.

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What does a
Vax Champ do?

You do 3 things as a Vax Champ

1. Educate yourself:
About Covid-19 and vaccines. We will send you information & hold regular chats so you are well-informed and can offer advice to people in your community.

2. Promote Vaccines:
Tell people in your community that you have vaccinated & share information about the vaccine if they are interested. Encourage people in your community to vaccinate. Speak to people in your community face-to-face or through social media like WhatsApp.

3. Report problems:
Tell us what stops people vaccinating in your community, such as concerns or myths. We’ll use this information to improve the vaccination services in your community.

What will I get if I become a Vax Champ?

If you become a Vax Champ...

The greatest benefit is that you will join a community of people working together to end the pandemic in SA and save lives. You will be a leader in your community and develop skills to speak to people about Covid-19 and improve their health. You will receive official thanks from the government for your contribution.

How will I do my work as a Vax Champ?

We will send you information regularly. We will also invite you to sessions online to help you know more about the Covid vaccine and how to answer questions and encourage people to vaccinate. You’ll become a member of a private Facebook or WhatsApp group where you can ask questions and find information. You can ask about any concerns, myths or rumours in your community; or report a problem that is stopping vaccination – such as a local leader undermines the programme, or the health clinic doesn’t offer vaccines close to people.

Vax Champ Exclusive Content

We share exclusive content with the community of Vax Champs! We want to keep you informed on the subject of vaccinations. To see some of the content we have available look here:

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If you want to become a Vax Champ, we need some information about you. We will use this information to communicate with you about Vax Champs and to connect you with the Vax Champs network. This information will be safely stored in the Vax Champs database.

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